Donald Trump Says He Takes Dem Attacks ‘A Little Bit Personally’

After a barrage of attacks from speakers at the Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump admitted during an interview with Fox News on Thursday that he takes “it a little bit personally.”

“Well, they don’t all hit me, but some of them do,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” with Brian Kilmeade. “And it’s mostly false stuff.”

The interview was taped on Wednesday evening, the third night of the convention during which high-profile speakers took the stage, including President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine. All of the evening’s speakers attacked Trump directly.

The Republican nominee shrugged off the criticism, remarking, “I get it. It’s the way it goes. It’s called politics.”

Trump added that the Democrats are “doing their thing, trying to win, justify eight years of horror.”

When asked if he takes the attacks personally, Trump said he can’t help but “take it a little bit personally,” but added that he does not let the attacks get him down.

Trump came under fire on Tuesday after inviting Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The Republican nominee asked Russian hackers to find the “30,000 emails that are missing” from Clinton’s private server.

“I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press,” said Trump of finding the missing emails.

Written by Andrew

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