Trump Calls Clinton’s Nominating Speech ‘Insulting’

Donald Trump had plenty of criticism for Hillary Clinton’s nomination speech on Thursday, calling the Democratic nominee’s remarks “an insulting collection clichés and recycled rhetoric.” Trump said Clinton’s speech was “delivered from a fantasy universe, not the reality we live in today.” A Trump senior advisor claimed she was “talking down” to Americans.

Now that both party conventions are out of the way, Trump’s campaign is focusing on changing the race to outside vs. insider rather than Democrats vs. Republicans.

“I think we will stay together all night because I don’t really want to go home and watch that crap,” Donald Trump said, speaking to a crowd of supporters in Iowa.

While Trump is well aware that the Democratic convention received higher TV ratings than the Republican convention, the GOP nominee gave his convention more points for style.

“I thought our stage in Cleveland was much more beautiful,” Trump said.

During her nomination speech, Trump sent out a barrage of anti-Clinton emails to supporters, arguing that she is in favor of open borders, free trade and special interest groups. The Republican nominee didn’t stop there. He took to Twitter to bash the Democratic nominee, calling her “a captive of Wall Street” and said “corruption and devastation followers her wherever she goes.”

Trump has refused to give Clinton credit for her unique role in history.

“I just don’t know frankly how a person like this would be electable,” Trump said.

Written by Andrew

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