Progressive Movement Depends on Sanders and Warren’s Ability to Work Together

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are key figures in the progressive movement. Sanders’ revolution on the campaign trail has caused young and old voters alike to back a progressive platform that guarantees higher minimum wages, healthcare for all and breaking up big banks.

The two are leaders in the progressive movement, but these legislative allies are not close friends.

Sanders in a rare show of friendship with Warren took to the stage last week during the Democratic National Convention after Warren gave her speech to the crowd. The Vermont Senator thanked his “friend Elizabeth Warren” before giving his speech, which ended with a Hillary Clinton endorsement.

The moment went overlooked by many in the crowd, but it points to a growing friendship that’s needed for both figures to be able to reach their progressive goals.

Warren has built up her clout in the Senate, and to some extent, she had surpassed Sanders, but his political revolution is undeniable to the Democratic party. Party leaders are working with Sanders to elevate his position and try to retake the majority. Sanders won 22 contests and secured over 13 million votes on the campaign trail.

Sanders and Warren together will be able to push the progressive movement as long as Sanders can stay relevant, according to party members.

Written by Andrew

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