Clinton Now Leading Trump by 8 Percent in the Polls

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton expanded her lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump by 8%, according to a new Reuters poll released on Tuesday. The Democrat was leading by six points on Friday.

Clinton was boosted by the Democratic National Convention last week, during which the nominee and her supporters made the case for her campaign and painted an optimistic picture of America. The poll also came amidst controversy over Trump’s comments about a slain U.S. soldier of Muslim faith.

The poll, which surveyed 1,289 likely voters, showed that 43% of voters favored Clinton, while 35% favored Trump. Nine percent of voters picked “Other.”

A new report on Tuesday may also give the Clinton campaign a boost, which showed that the Democratic nominee raised nearly $90 million in the month of July. More than half of the donations to her campaign came from new donors.

At the start of August, the Clinton campaign reported that it had $58 million in the bank. Out of the $90 million raised, $63 million was for Clinton’s campaign and $26 million was for other Democrats.

Clinton raised $68.5 million in June.

In a recent fundraising email to Clinton’s supporters, the campaign stressed that it could not take any votes for granted.

“If we underestimate our opponent or take this race for granted, we’ll lose,” the fundraising email said, referring to Clinton’s rival Donald Trump.

Written by Andrew

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