DNC CEO, High-Level Staffers Resign in Wake of Email Controversy

The Democratic National Convention CEO and two high-level staffers submitted their resignations on Tuesday in wake of the email controversy.

CEO Amy Dacey, CFO Brad Marshall, and Communications Director Luis Miranda will all step aside, according to Tuesday’s press release.

Dacey is the highest ranking official at the DNC to resign and well respected by the Clinton campaign as well as the DNC circle. But in the aftermath of the email controversy, the committee is making the move to clean house.

Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman who stepped in to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also announced new team additions, which include Tom McMahon, a former Howard Dean aide, and Dough Thornell. The additional members will lead the transition team that will be focused on November’s election.

The Democratic Party is attempting to get ahead of more email disclosures and leaked internal documents from the party’s hacked systems.

The controversy arose in July when nearly 20,000 emails were released to the Internet by WikiLeaks. The emails between a handful of DNC officials showed that certain committee members were attempting to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. One official said Sanders should be questioned about his faith to hurt his standing in Southern states.

The DNC believes their system was hacked by Russian operatives, but Russia has not officially been blamed for the incident.

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