Former Trump Campaign Hands Working to Undermine Paul Ryan’s Reelection

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continue to disagree. The relationship with Ryan and Trump is essential to unite the Republican party, and Ryan is running for reelection in a primary election next week.

Ryan is expected to be reelected to his position with ease, but Trump’s former campaign members and volunteers are working to elect Paul Nehlen, Ryan’s long-shot competitor next week. Nehlen has embraced Trump and calls Ryan an “impediment to Trump’s agenda.”

Nehlen’s campaign has the largest concentration of former Trump campaigners. The move points to Trump working in an effort to place officials in power that would further divide the party and back his presidential agenda.

Ryan’s opponent stated that “He’s not been loyal to him” in reference to Trump.

Trump spoke during an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday, and his words mimicked those of Ryan himself. “I’m just not quite there yet” Trump said when asked about endorsing Ryan for reelection. The House Speaker said these same words when he held back from endorsing a Trump presidency.

Trump is scheduled to be in Green Bay this week and has chosen to visit Wisconsin. The trip is a suspected effort to draw in his supporters to back Nehlen in Ryan’s district.

Written by Andrew

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