Some Wealthy Republicans Are Campaigning for Clinton

As Donald Trump tweets about his party’s “great unity,” groups of wealthy Republicans are abandoning the GOP to campaign for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to sources close to the matter, the groups are seeking endorsements and money from other disillusioned Republicans. Many of these members have received support and encouragement from Hillary Clinton herself as well as members of her campaign staff.

Trump, a billionaire businessman from New York, has made traditional Republican donors uneasy with his controversial remarks about Mexicans, women, Muslims and war veterans.

For Clinton, wealthy donors can make a world of difference in the outcome of her campaign. Not only can they inject large sums of money into her campaign, but they may also convince moderate Republicans to vote for her. Support from these party members also discredits Trump’s assertion that his success as a businessman makes him a good fit for president.

Among the groups created to support Clinton is Republicans for Her 2016, which was run by Craig Snyder, Republican lobbyist. R4C16 is a grassroots group led by Ricardo Reyes and John Stubbs, former members of President George W. Bush’s administration. Both of these groups are working independently of Clinton’s campaign.

A third group, Republican Women for Hillary, led by Chamber of Commerce official Jennifer Pierotti Lim, is working alongside the Clinton campaign.

Written by Andrew


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