“Trump Will Work With Ryan,” States Campaign Chairman

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, stated early Thursday morning that “of course Trump will work with Ryan.” The reassurance from Manafort comes just days after Trump snubbed Ryan by stating, “I’m just not there yet,” when asked if he would endorse Ryan’s reelection as House Speaker.

Manafort discussed the matter on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” The campaign manager remained positive throughout the interview and discussed Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairperson’s anger over Trump not endorsing Ryan.

“He is a strong supporter and good friend, as well as a supporter of Paul Ryan,” stated Manafort when discussing Priebus.

The campaign chairman ensured the world that Trump and Priebus are both very good friends. He also stated that the two parties have spoken several times this week. Manafort did acknowledge the current conflict between the two.

“Of course, he’s gonna work with Paul Ryan, of course he’s trying to bridge the party together,” Manafort said of Trump.

The billionaire’s campaign chairman dismissed any concerns over the campaign’s troubles in recent weeks. Trump allies have been jumping ship, but Manafort dismissed the reports. Instead, the chairman pointed to the large rallies in Florida on Wednesday where thousands of people attended to show support for Trump.

“These are crowds you see usually at the end of September. So the support for Mr. Trump is there,” stated Manafort.

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