Republicans Calling for Trump to Drop Out of the Race

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is having a difficult week. Numerous Republicans have vowed not to vote for Trump, and his failure to endorse the reelection of House Speaker Paul Ryan further divided the Republican party.

Republican insiders are now calling for Trump to drop out of the race.

A New Hampshire Republican was stated as saying, “I’d rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more,” referring to Trump.

Respondents who completed the survey all remained anonymous. A Florida Republican stated, “The effect Trump is having on down-ballot races has the potential to be devastating.”

The idea of Trump dropping out of the race is a long-shot admits insiders. Trump’s perseverance is the backbone of his campaign and may be one of his best attributes. GOP leaders have discussed what would follow if Trump were to drop out of the race.

The vacancy rule would be triggered if Trump dropped out. Three GOP leaders from every state would form a 168-member panel that would vote to select a replacement candidate moving forward. The Republican National Convention would be authorized to reconvene, but top Republicans state that this would be a logistic impossibility at this point.

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