John Kasich Doesn’t Know How He Will Vote in November

John Kasich, former Trump rival and governor of Ohio, is still no closer to endorsing Trump for president. Kasich, reluctant to endorse Trump, spoke to CNN, stating, “I wish that I could be fully enthusiastic. I can’t be.”

“So, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the end,” said Kasich.

Kasich has refused to endorse Trump after a bitter primary battle. Kasich states that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s fundamental positions. Trump’s comments about the Khan family, a family of a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier, further pushed Kasich away from endorsing Trump.

“I’ve seen the black hole. I’ve had the deep mourning and pain,” states Kasich. The Ohio governor asserts that he has met with numerous families of fallen soldiers in Ohio, and praised Senator John McCain from Arizona, a former prisoner of war.

“McCain shouldn’t event have to run for election in the Senate,” stated Kasich. Trump sent shockwaves through the Republican Party last week when he failed to endorse Paul Ryan who is up for reelection as House Speaker, stating, “I’m just not there yet.” Trump would go on to change his mind by the end of the week following a wave of backlash from the Republican Party.

Trump also failed to endorse McCain and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Ohio is a pivotal state that is a major key to the White House for the Republican Party. A loss in Ohio would be a catastrophic blow to the Trump campaign.

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