Trump’s July Fundraising Reaches $80 Million, Causing Clinton Campaign to Ramp Up Efforts

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has raised $469 million so far, and $90 million in July. Donald Trump’s campaign had their best month so far, raising $80 million in July and causing the Clinton campaign to increase their fundraising efforts as a result.

Clinton’s campaign has been working feverishly to start August, with running mate Tim Kaine and former president Bill Clinton working to boost fundraising efforts. The campaign has also told their top fundraisers that they need to increase donations in August.

An internal memo leaked on Monday morning showed that Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, stated that a wave of action is needed following Trump’s campaign raising more money in July than expected.

The memo was titled “Wake Up Call.”

Clinton’s campaign has $58 million in cash heading into August thanks robust fundraising efforts since the start of her campaign. Despite strong fundraising efforts, Clinton’s campaign has not been able to reach the same levels of President Barack Obama’s fundraising numbers in 2012. Obama’s historic pace reached $520 million to Clinton’s $469 million in the same time period.

Kaine, Hillary and Bill Clinton will be attending over 80 events in more than 25 states to raise more funds for Clinton’s campaign. Hillary will be at 35 of the finance events, Kaine will attend 30, and Bill Clinton will be the headline of 20 finance events in August.

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