Former CIA Officer Evan McMullin Launches Third-Party Run

Evan McMullin, former CIA officer, announced yesterday that he will be running as a third-party candidate in the presidential race. The former congressional staffer has stated that he is a conservative alternative to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

McMullin is a long-shot that has little-to-no chance of getting his name on the ballots in key states, according to economists.

The former CIA agent is not well-known in the Capitol, although he is the chief policy director in the House of Representatives for the organizational body of Republicans. McMullin’s appeal will be to conservatives that have yet to embrace Trump and don’t want to back a Hillary Clinton presidency.

McMullin announced his candidacy in a letter on Monday that stated, “Donald Trump appeals to the worst fears of Americans at a time we need unity, not division.”

Republicans have been reluctant to back a Trump presidency although the billionaire was crowned the party’s nominee last month. Trump has, in recent weeks, caused a stir in the media, with comments on nuclear weapons, backlash from criticism of a fallen Muslim soldier and his reluctance to back Paul Ryan’s reelection as House Speaker.

McMullin entering the race is not expected to put much pressure on Trump, as several states require third-party candidates to meet requirement deadlines that have since passed.

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