House Speaker Paul Ryan Wins GOP Primary

House Speaker Paul Ryan won the GOP primary easily in Wisconsin’s first congressional district, beating his opponent Paul Nehlen.

“There is a lot of anger that Washington just isn’t working,” Ryan said. “We can’t afford another four years like the Obama years,” he added. “And let it be very, very clear, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton and her party are offering.”

Republican nominee Donald Trump thanked Ryan’s opponent Nehlen for his support just one week before the primary. At the time, Trump said he “wasn’t ready” to endorse Ryan, but backpedaled last week by announcing his support for the House Speaker at a rally in Wisconsin.

After the resignation of John Boehner, Paul Ryan only took the position as House Speaker after insisting he be able to return home each weekend to be with this family. While campaigning, Ryan reminded voters that he has deep roots in the local community.

Ryan has shifted his position on some issues, mainly on trade deals. One year ago, Ryan was in favor of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement, and said he had hoped it would get a vote in Congress.

Now, Ryan’s position is more in line with Trump. While he now appears to be opposed to the TPP, he does acknowledge the importance of good trade agreements.

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