Clinton Plans to Release 2015 Tax Returns Within Days

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Senator Tim Kaine have both pledged to release their tax returns from the last ten years within days, according to sources close to the Clinton campaign.

CNBC reported that the returns will show that Clinton paid a 35% tax rate and gave 10% to charity.

The Clinton campaign’s pledge to release the returns comes at a time when Donald Trump, Republican nominee and Clinton’s rival, has faced sharp criticism for not releasing his tax returns. Every presidential nominee has released their tax returns since 1973.

“He refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns,” Clinton said during her economic speech in Michigan on Thursday.

The Clintons have made their tax returns public, in some way, every year since 1977.

Trump has yet to release his returns, and claims they are still being audited by the IRS. The Republican nominee has already stated that he is not likely to release his returns until after the presidential election.

Trump critics, including 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, have criticized the nominee for refusing to release his returns and have raised questions as to whether he is being truthful about his net worth and his business ties.

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