DOJ and FBI Considered Clinton Foundation Probe Months Ago

Officials from the Department of Justice and the FBI discussed the possibility of opening an investigation into corruption related to the Clinton Foundation several months ago, according to one U.S. official.

The discussion came shortly after the FBI was alerted by a bank of suspicious activity from a foreign customer who donated money to the Clinton Foundation. At that time, three field offices had agreed that an investigation should be launched.

Officials from the FBI were concerned about a possible criminal conflict of interest with the State Department while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State. The Department of Justice also looked into similar claims made by the author of the “Clinton Cash” book, but found insufficient evidence to launch a case.

Because the DOJ was unable to find sufficient evidence, it pushed back against opening a case when meeting with the FBI earlier in the year. Some officials also felt the request was more political in nature, as it coincided with the timing of the probe into Clinton’s private email server.

The investigation into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s tie to the Clinton Foundation was also brought up during the meeting. The DOJ said it would allow that probe to continue, but would not open a case against the Clinton Foundation.

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