Donald Trump Proposes Stringent Immigration Test in Monday Speech

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke in Ohio on Monday, giving a fiery speech on how to handle radical Islam in the United States. The billionaire called for action against radical Muslims, and outlined his vision for fighting ISIS.

Trump aimed to change the pace of the race on Monday, with a focus on proving critics who think he is unfit to be commander in chief wrong.

Hillary Clinton was the center of an on-stage attack during the speech when Trump stated that the Democrat lacks the “mental and physical stamina” to take on ISIS. Trump’s poll numbers have continued to fall in many swing states, causing many Republicans to call on Trump to turn his campaign around.

Trump’s speech changed his proposal to ban all Muslims coming into the US. He vowed to be quick and decisive when attacking ISIS, and is calling for the temporary suspension of immigration from dangerous and volatile regions in the world where terrorism is frequent. The call for a temporary suspension is much lighter than an all-out ban mentioned in the past.

The billionaire lowered his rhetoric, stating that he is willing to work with Muslim communities and countries as long as they’re moderate. He went a step further calling for the US to be cautious when admitting refugees and immigrants from countries that have anti-Semitic and anti-gay views.

Written by Andrew

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