Clinton Uses Star Power to Boost Fundraising Efforts

Riding high on news of rising poll numbers, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are taking the month to raise tens of millions of dollars in cash before the campaign ramps up in the fall. Clinton is relying on a star-studded team of supporters to help drive more cash to her campaign, including Kay Perry, Jimmy Buffet, Cher, Magic Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Together, Clinton and Kaine have raised over $26 million at 28 different events this month, according to an estimate from CNN based on ticket prices.

Clinton still has nearly 20 events planned in California, Massachusetts and New York later this month, and these events will feature an array of celebrities.

Sources close to the campaign say Clinton and Kaine will have less time for fundraising after August, as the campaign prepares for debates, rallies and campaigning. The pair is expected to attend over 80 fundraisers in August.

Next week, Clinton will attend an eight-fundraiser stint over three days in California. These events will include movie stars, tech icons and athletes. On August 22, Clinton will attend a top dollar fundraiser at Cheryl and Haim Saban’s home, owner of Univision.

Magic Johnson will also host a fundraising event at his Beverly Hills home that Clinton and her aides will attend.

Other events throughout her three-day trip will include hosts like Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney; Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks; Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood actor; and Stephen Cloobeck, CEO of Diamond Resorts.

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