Hillary Clinton Tells FBI Colin Powell Recommend Private Email Use

Notes handed over by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Congress on Tuesday on the Hillary Clinton probe give insight into the three hour interview she had with the FBI in July. Clinton, pressed by the FBI, stated that Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, advised Clinton to utilize a private email account.

Clinton exchanged emails with Powell in 2009 asking about his email practices when he was in office under George W. Bush.

Clinton had already decided to use private email at this time. Joe Conason, journalist, reported the conversation between the two former Secretary of State officials in his upcoming book titled “Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton.”

Conason alleges in the book that there was a meeting, at a dinner party, in the early months of Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State at Madeleine Albright’s home. Condoleezza Rice, Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell were among those that attended the dinner party.

According to the accounts from that evening, Albright asked each former Secretary of State to provide one bit of counsel to Clinton. Powell allegedly told her to use her own email address as he had done during his term. Powell further told her “expect for classified communications.” Powell recommended using the State Department computer to send and receive classified information.

Written by Andrew

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