Clinton Campaign Manager Calls Foundation Scrutiny a ‘Right-Wing Strategy’

As the Clinton Foundation comes under fire for its foreign ties, Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, pushed back against allegations. Mook called the attacks on the foundation a part of a “right-wing” strategy against the Clinton campaign.

Speaking to CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Mook said, “There are right-wing attacks out there against her based on the important work the Clinton Foundation has done that are simply not true.” Mook went on to praise the foundation for its “incredible charitable work around the world.”

Clinton’s campaign manager redirected the attention to Trump’s financial ties to foreign companies. Mook cited a report from the New York Times that at least one of Trump’s buildings was partly financed by a loan from the Bank of China.

Mook noted that the loan would be “enormous leverage” if Trump launched a trade war with China.

When pressed about a phone call to the State Department from former President Bill Clinton on behalf of a foundation donor, Mook responded, “The request came through president Clinton’s personal office and this was someone who had been a friend of the Clinton’s for a long time before the foundation was ever set up.”

Clinton’s campaign manager also highlighted the fact that George W. Bush’s family foundation was never scrutinized while he served as president. “Members of his family remained on the board of his foundation while he remained president,” Mook added.

Written by Andrew


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