Trump Gives Vague Answers to Crime, Deportation Strategy Questions On O’Reilly Factor

Republican nominee Donald Trump had the opportunity to expand on his crime and deportation strategies during an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday evening, but rather than give clear, concise remarks, the candidate left voters with more questions than answers.

O’Reilly pressed Trump on claims in a speech that the “chaos and violence” in places like Milwaukee would end quickly under a Trump presidency.”

“So, how?” O’Reilly asked. The host used Chicago as an example, a city that is plagued with gun violence.

“I know police in Chicago,” Trump said. “If they were given the authority to do it, they would get it done.”

The question, of course, was “how?” O’Reilly pressed Trump to answer how he would accomplish his proposals several times, including issues on deportation.

The Republican nominee was accused of “flip-flopping” after he said on Monday that he would look for the best strategy to address the issue of 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

When asked what he would do with undocumented immigrants, O’Reilly asked if Trump would put these immigrants in detention centers. Trump clarified that he had no intention to do such a thing.

Trump proposed the idea of separating undocumented immigrants into two specific groups: “bad” ones and “everybody else.” The “bad” ones would be deported, while “everybody else” would go through the same process President Obama has been using.

As for crime, Trump echoed his “tough on crime” stance, but never revealed details on his strategy on how to accomplish his goals of reducing crime.

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