Donald Trump Shows Signs of Softening on Immigration Position

Known for his hardline stance on immigration issues, Republican nominee Donald Trump showed signs of softening his position at a town hall meeting on Tuesday evening. A shift in position may expand the nominee’s appeal to more voters, but may also wind up hurting him with his most avid supporters.

Sean Hannity, Fox News anchor, hosted a town hall event on immigration Tuesday, during which Trump was asked if he would change U.S. law in order to accommodate illegal immigrants who were obeying laws and contributing to society.

Trump replied, “There certainly can be softening because we’re not looking to hurt people.” The Republican nominee noted that there were “great people” in the immigrant community.

The New York businessman, however, was still divided on how to treat illegal immigrants who were following the law, questioning whether it would be appropriate to deport them.

Trump has been wavering from his tough stance on illegal immigrants, threatening to deport all of them to their home countries and build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

At a later rally in Austin Tuesday evening, Trump appeared to change his position to focus on illegal immigrants who commit crimes. Eight mothers were brought to the stage who lost children at the hands of illegal immigrants. Trump fired off statistics about crimes committed by some illegal immigrants and vowed that he would stop them as president.

“Not going to happen, folks. We’re not going to let it happen in our country,” Trump said.

During the event, Trump said he would come to a decision on deportations very soon.

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