Reuters/Ipsos Poll Has Clinton in 12 Point Lead

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday has Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a 12-point lead over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The poll included “likely voters” and marked Clinton’s strongest month over her Republican counterpart. The poll was conducted over a four-day period beginning on August 18.

Clinton has led Trump in the polls for most of her campaign.

The former Secretary of State had 45% support of voters to Trump’s 33%, according to the poll. Nearly 22% of those polled stated that they would not vote for Clinton or Trump. Third-party candidates are gaining ground this year as a result.

Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson are the two third-party candidates shaking up the race this year. A poll conducted by USA Today and Ipsos was taken online by 1,539 voters between the ages of 18 and 34.  The findings show that millennials (4%) are in favor of Stein. Gary Johnson received 11% of the likely vote in the poll.

The poll further shed light on Clinton’s lead among millennials, with 50% of those polled stating they would vote for Clinton. Just 18% of people stated they would vote for a Trump presidency. One in four people state they don’t know who to vote for in this year’s election.

Written by Andrew

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