Bernie Sanders Launches “Our Revolution” to Raise Money for Candidates With His Views

Bernie Sanders’ supporters and donors received a text message on Wednesday, for those that signed up for updates, to watch the senator make an announcement live online. Sanders previously called on his supporters that hold his progressive ideals to take action and enter into local and state offices.

Sanders ignited his following on Wednesday with the launch of the “Our Revolution” political organization.

The organization will raise money for candidates that hold similar views to Sanders. The former presidential campaign of Sanders ended with a loss to Hillary Clinton. Sanders endorsed Clinton and will work to rally support behind her next month.

Sanders also endorsed low-key candidates in numerous states that aim to raise the federal minimum wage and offer free college tuition. Sanders spoke via livestream on Wednesday night as thousands of his supporters tuned in to hear his message.

“Our ideas, our vision, are the future of this country,” Sanders said.

Sanders faced opposition over the weekend after bringing in Jeff Weaver to lead the group. Reports of nearly two-thirds of the staff resigning was a major blow to the group. Weaver has been known to solicit money from wealthy donors, an idea that is not aligned with Sanders presidential campaign and his followers.

Prior to the official launch of the group, it raised $600,000 for candidates that Sanders supports, according to an account from a former staffer via NBC News.

Written by Andrew

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