Clinton to Attack Trump for Allegedly Embracing Nativist Movement

After being labeled a bigot by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has a plan to fire back at the Republican nominee during her next campaign stop in Nevada. The Democratic nominee plans on accusing Trump of embracing a brand of nativism and white nationalism, according to Reuters.

Campaign aides say Clinton will connect Trump’s statements on religion and immigration to the rising of the “alternative right,” a group that is opposed to immigration and multiculturalism. The Democratic nominee is trying to keep the attention on Trump’s “dystopian vision.”

The Republican nominee has been attempting to turn his campaign around after falling behind Clinton in opinion polls in key battleground states.

John Podesta, chairman of Clinton’s campaign, said in a statement, “Trump’s newly installed brain trust completes Donald Trump’s disturbing takeover of the Republican Party.” Podesta added that down-ticket Republicans will need to decide whether they are going to fall in line with Trump’s extremism, or take a stand with conservative voters “who can’t stomach it.”

Trump said he would unveil his immigration proposal in the coming weeks and is scheduled to meet with African American voters in New York on Thursday.

Responding to Trump’s recent attack, during which he called Clinton a “bigot,” Clinton said on CNN that the Republican nominee was “taking a hate movement mainstream.”

Written by Andrew

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