Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania Voter Registration Numbers Boost in GOP Favor

Democratic voter registration numbers have outpaced Republican voter registration numbers in key battleground states: Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  According to a report from CNN, voter registration in all three states has increased for Republicans. The party has registered hundreds of thousands of voters in all three states.

The Republican party has registered 300,000 more voters in Florida since the 2012 election closing the gap against Democratic voters. Democrats also lost 195,000 voters in the last four years in the state.

Democrats are seeing progress in western states. In the past year alone, the party has 19,000 new registered voters in Arizona and 45,000 new voters in Colorado. Colorado Republicans had a major advantage in terms of registered voters ten years ago, but the 170,000 voter advantage has since shrunk to 12,000.

An uptick in voter registration for the Democrats in Arizona would be a major blow to the Donald Trump campaign. The billionaire has a 5% lead over Clinton in the state, but the margins are small. Arizona has been a Republican favorite for the last twenty years, and a switch to Democratic would be a major boost to Clinton.

Clinton is ahead in the polls in Virginia and Pennsylvania which puts stress on the Trump campaign to win North Carolina.

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