Former Obama Aide: ‘You Have a Psychopath Running for President’

David Plouffe, former aide to President Barack Obama, called Republican nominee Donald Trump a “psychopath” during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Plouffe said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will easily win the election in November.

“Basically, we have a psychopath running for president,” he said. “I mean he meets the clinical definition, okay,” Plouffe added.

The former White House aide listed off psychopath symptoms he says Trump exhibits, calling the Republican nominee a “pathological liar” and stated that he has a “lack of empathy and remorse.” Plouffe was quick to concede that he does not have a degree in psychology.

Plouffe, who helped orchestrate President Obama’s campaign in 2008, says Trump’s campaign strategies may wind up costing him the election. He said that the Republican nominee was expected to do things that would appeal to the middle class, but so far, he has not.

Plouffe predicted a landslide victory for Clinton, projecting that she would win at least 269 electoral votes.

The former aide’s remarks come at a time when both candidates are slinging mud on racial issues. Clinton has accused Trump of fueling the alt-right movement with his “racist” rhetoric, while Trump has called Clinton a “bigot” who only views people of color as a “vote.”

Written by Andrew

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