Clinton to Focus On ‘American Exceptionalism’ in Ohio Speech

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will focus on “American exceptionalism” during her speech in Ohio, and assert that Donald Trump, her opponent, has rejected the idea, AP reports.

Clinton will give her speech midday on Wednesday at the American Legion convention in Cincinnati.

The speech marks Clinton’s first public appearance in days, and campaign officials say she plans to use the opportunity to portray Trump as a questionable leader that has “explicitly rejected the idea of American exceptionalism.”

The term “American exceptionalism” refers to the U.S.’s leadership and standing in the world. While Trump claims he will “Make America Great Again,” Clinton will argue that his proposed ideas will instead undermine America’s greatness.

The Democratic nominee will use her experience as support for her argument. Clinton served as secretary of state under Barack Obama in his first term, and has also served on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

An official from Clinton’s campaign said a leading Republican would endorse her campaign ahead of the speech on Wednesday: James Clad, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush.

Clad’s endorsement will reportedly come after multiple endorsements from other GOP members.

Clinton’s speech comes on the same day Trump will give his own speech on immigration issues. Trump will also meet with Mexico’s president before giving his speech.

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