Maine Governor Paul LePage Career in Jeopardy After Recent Outburst

Maine’s Paul LePage is known for being outspoken and blunt. The Governor of Maine was elected in 2010 and publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president early in his campaign. LePage is at the center of a controversy after he left a obscene voicemail to a lawmaker.

The message was released to the public last week. LePage reportedly left the message because the lawmaker called him a racist.

Democratic State Representative Drew Gattine was verbally attacked by LePage. The rant from LePage included harsh words where he called Gattine “a little son-of-a-b***h, socialist c**ksucker.” The remark has spurred backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Legislative leaders from the Republican Party held a meeting on the matter to determine the future of LePage.

This isn’t the first time that LePage has been under fire by politicians in his own state. The Governor made headlines in 2013 when he was scrutinized by the Portland Press Herald newspaper. Video footage of an event attended by LePage shows him saying “I want to find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up.” The Press Herald reported on the remark.

LePage was on a Maine radio station on Tuesday during a regular interview where he discussed the possibility of stepping down from his position. He commented on his Twitter account with “to paraphrase Mark Twain: The reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated.”

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