“Trump Just Failed His First Foreign Test” Clinton States on Wednesday

Hillary Clinton discussed Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico on Wednesday night. The former secretary of state criticized Trump’s diplomatic skills and stated he “just failed his first foreign test” in a tweet on her official account.

Clinton further stated “you can’t build coalition by insulting our friends.”

The speech came hours before Donald Trump gave his speech on immigration in Arizona. Trump met with Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto just hours before he gave his speech.

Trump has been routinely critical of Mexican immigrants going as far as calling illegal Mexican immigrants “rapists and murderers.”

Clinton’s campaign sent out tweet after tweet last night to attack Trump and his immigration speech. “A wall that Mexico will pay for: a bad idea from an even worse negotiator” Clinton tweeted. She further tweeted “we are not going to criminalize, profile, round up, and deport 16 million people.”

Trump’s speech was harsh according to opponents and the Clinton campaign.

Trump’s visit with the Mexican president didn’t sway his idea to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The billionaire stated that he will build a “great wall” along the border. Mexico’s president stated that he told Trump Mexico will not pay for the wall, but Trump stated that the two didn’t discuss paying for the proposed wall.

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