Clinton Foundation Subsidized with Tax Payer Money

The Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny after reports from Politico show that Bill Clinton used tax payer money to subsidize the foundation. Clinton discussed the foundation this week and stated that he would have to step down from his position at the foundation if his wife, Hillary Clinton, became president.

New reports show that he utilized the Former President’s Act to pay for 13 out of 22 staffers.

The Act is meant to pay for a former president’s pension, travel expenses and staff. Politico reports that salaries for the staffers were subsidized by up to $10,000 a year by the program. The finding comes as the Clinton Foundation is in the midst of an investigation by the FBI.

The report also states that tax payer money was used to fund Clinton’s private email server.

Tax payer money is used under the Act to pay for staff following a former president’s departure. Bill Clinton has used more than $16 million from the fund. The Clinton Foundation is estimated to be a $2 billion entity.

Clinton has requested more funds under the Act than any other president since its creation.

Hillary Clinton is under attack, too, after critics allege that she ran the organization as a pay-to-play operation. The allegations suggest that donors were favored and impacted her decisions during her tenure as secretary of state.

Written by Andrew


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