Trump’s Hardline Speech on Immigration Upsets Members of Hispanic Advisory Board

Donald Trump’s speech on immigration points to the potential of 2 million Mexicans being deported on the first day of his presidency. The Republican met with Mexico’s president prior to the speech and continued on his path of stating he would build a wall on the Mexican border.

Trump’s speech in Arizona infuriated members of his Hispanic Advisory Board, which stated that they are considering pulling their support for Trump.

Leslie Sanchez, a CBSN contributor, stated, “Hispanic leader who advises Trump camp telling me half of Trump’s Hispanic advisory board is ready to resign today (15 of 30),” on her Twitter account.

A few hours following her Tweet, she stated, “As of now, two resigned (2 of 23). Five on fence and will decide soon. Being asked to remain in name only.”

Many of the members that are considering pulling their support for Trump state that he lost the election Wednesday night. Trump’s flip flopping on immigration has been a focal point of his campaign. The billionaire has openly stated that he mentions the “wall” to rev up the crowd.

The tone in Wednesday night’s speech may have been an effort to boost support in the polls.

Members of the Advisory Board stated that they were ecstatic when Trump was meeting with the Mexican president, but their mood immediately took a turn for the worse following his speech.

Written by Andrew


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