Trump’s Tour in Ohio on Thursday Focused on America First

Donald Trump’s campaign stopped in Ohio on Thursday, where he promised crowds to keep “American First.” His tour in Ohio comes just one day after his speech on immigration in Arizona.

Trump promised jobs during his speech in Wilmington, Ohio in the afternoon. He further discussed changes to the immigration system, but he didn’t elaborate on details. The Republican billionaire rallied the crowd when he discussed building a wall along the U.S./Mexican border.

In a slight switch, he talked about being compassionate to immigrants.

Trump’s speech lasted all of 20 minutes. He spoke earlier in the day in Downtown Cincinnati where he pushed his “America First” message to members of the American Legion. Trump stated that he is for “Americanism and not globalism.”

The stop in Wilmington didn’t mention the city’s loss of 8,000 jobs in 2008.

Chants of “USA” filled the room when Trump stated that “our greatest compassion will be for the American citizen.”

Ohio is a traditional swing state, and a state that Trump desperately needs to win in the general election. A day prior, Hillary Clinton met with the American Legion and openly attacked Trump. Clinton insisted that America is already great and that Trump’s stance on immigration will threaten the US’s relations with other countries.

Written by Andrew

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