Sanders Calls on Clinton to Cut Ties with Clinton Foundation

Bernie Sanders was interviewed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. The Vermont Senator and former Hillary Clinton opponent called on the former secretary of state to cut her ties with the Clinton Foundation.

The senator stated, “I would certainly suggest that as President of the United States she should cease all operations, all contact, with the Clinton Foundation.”

The Clinton Foundation was founded by Clinton’s husband and former president Bill Clinton. The foundation has been under repeated fire during Hillary’s campaign. Bill Clinton is accused of using taxpayer money to pay staffers of the non-profit. Clinton herself has been accused of running a pay-to-play operation during her tenure as secretary of state to fund the foundation.

Sanders criticized the foundation during his presidential campaign.

The senator stressed that he, as well as many officials, weren’t comfortable with the foundation taking money from foreign governments while Clinton was secretary of state. Clinton has taken as much as $25 million from Saudi Arabia via her foundation.

Sanders stated, “At the very least she should not be involved, at the very least.”

When pressed on whether the foundation should be closed, he said, “I can’t definitively answer that.”

Donald Trump’s campaign has used the Clinton Foundation to show how a Clinton presidency would be compromised.

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