CNN/ORC Poll Has Trump Ahead of Clinton With 2 Point Lead

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has evaporated, according to a CNN/ORC survey released on Tuesday morning. The poll points to Clinton and Trump in a close race going into the general election in November.

Trump increased his lead over Clinton, with 45% to Clinton’s 43% in the survey. Jill Stein holds 2%, while Gary Johnson has a 7% standing.

Clinton, formerly in the lead over Trump, has lost her lead following her email scandal and questions over the Clinton Foundation taking money from foreign governments. Both parties have held a lead in the polls in recent months.

The same poll showed that Clinton held an 8-point lead over Trump among registered voters.

Trump shook up his campaign staff in August, held a speech on immigration, and loosened his stance on immigration.

The poll suggests that most voters, approximately 59%, expect Clinton to be the next president. Just 34% of those polled believed that Trump will win the presidency. Johnson and Stein have not gained the ground to reach the 15% threshold needed to participate in the national debates.

Third-party candidates that are not allowed to be in public debates have a very slim chance of winning the election. Trump holds the advantage with male voters, with 54% to 32% against Clinton.

Written by Andrew

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