Trump Softens on Immigration Stance Paving Way for Legal Status for Illegal Immigrants

Donald Trump spoke to a small group of reporters on Monday aboard his plane. The Republican presidential nominee discussed his immigration plans further with reporters. Trump stated that there will be major border steps taken to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country, but he kept the possibility of illegal immigrants gaining citizenship open.

Trump told the selective group that his immigration speech was taken out of context and that he has softened on his immigration stance, according to Reuters.

The billionaire stated that he wants to deport illegal criminals in the country first. He also stated that all illegals in the country will have a way to gain legal status. Trump stated that illegals will need to return to their native country first before applying for legal status in the United States.

A shift from his hardline stance, Trump wouldn’t say what would happen to the group of illegals that choose to remain in the country. He didn’t rule out the possibility of the group receiving legal status to stay in the country.

Trump’s immigration speech last week in Arizona was met with criticism. The billionaire stated that all illegal immigrants would be subject to deportation. There are over 11 million illegal Mexicans living in the country, according to estimates.

Written by Andrew

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