Clinton on the Offensive “Trump Clearly Has Something to Hide”

Hillary Clinton discussed Donald Trump’s taxes at length on Monday. Clinton stated that Trump “clearly has something to hide” when discussing his tax returns. The former secretary of state said that there is a reason presidential candidates release their tax returns. She argued that the American people care about Trump’s tax returns despite Trump stating otherwise.

Trump’s relationship with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi came under fire, too.

Bondi was in charge of the decision whether or not to pursue a lawsuit against Trump University. The university has been under question as numerous students across the country stated that the school defrauded them out of their money.

Students were promised classes held by Trump and mentorship by Trump. The university never met its obligations, leading to numerous complaints to the Attorney General. Trump donated to pro-Bondi PACs and allowed the attorney general to use his Mar-a-Lago mansion to hold a fundraiser for Bondi’s reelection. The billionaire also donated money indirectly to Bondi’s campaign.

“He’s also said that it’s none of our business,” Clinton said of Trump on his tax returns.

Clinton makes the argument that presidents have released their tax returns for decades to let the American public know how the person handled their money, and how the person will handle running the finances of the country.

Written by Andrew

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