Obama Calls for Trump’s “Wacky Ideas” to be Challenged

President Barack Obama warned the public against Donald Trump’s outlandish comments. During a conference in Laos, the president stated, “People start thinking behavior that in normal times we would consider completely unacceptable and outrageous becomes normalized.”

The president stated that “this is serious business” when discussing his talks with foreign leaders during his trip to Laos.

Obama has discussed the situation with foreign leaders, stressing his fears of a Trump presidency. The president further took a jab at Trump, stating, “When you speak, it should actually reflect thought-out policy you can implement.”

Trump has routinely discussed changes he would implement, but has not elaborated on his plan to implement specific policies.

Obama believes that the press needs to ask further questions to Trump on ideas that are contradictory or “wacky.”

The president’s trip to Asia included meetings with foreign leaders. The trip will be the president’s last trip to Asia while being a U.S. president. Obama deemed Trump “unfit” to be president during his trip, and called him a danger to the Republican Party.

Obama, a Democrat, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

The president has stopped in Asia 10 times during his term. Obama’s trip lasted nine days, and included stops in Laos and China. He also has stops in Nevada and Hawaii.

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