Mike Pence Compares Trump to Reagan at Reagan Library

Republican vice president candidate Mike Pence compared Donald Trump to Reagan at the late president’s library on Thursday. Pence made the case for the Republican candidate, claiming he is the natural heir to Reagan.

“Like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump has the honesty and the bluntness to confront the challenges facing the American people,” said Pence in a speech to a crowd gathered at the library.

Pence said he believes Trump has the “toughness” to “command the respect of the world” and to improve the U.S. economy.

Looking back on Reagan’s journey to the White House, Pence said, “The smart set in Washington, D.C., mocked and dismissed the California governor in many ways. They said he was a little more than a celebrity and an entertainer who entered politics late in life.”

The vice presidential candidate spoke of Reagan’s and Trump’s shared political philosophy of reducing government regulation and strengthening the military.

Pence’s speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was his only solo appearance during a two-day visit to California. The vice presidential candidate also helped raise money in Kern, San Diego and Orange counties.

Although Pence made broad comparisons between Trump and Reagan, all of the late president’s living children have criticized Trump for his temperament and controversial remarks.

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