Trump Proposes Spending $20 Billion on School Choice Policies

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out his most detailed education policy to date. His plan would allocate $20 billion in federal funds to school choice policies that would allow students and parents to choose between attending public, public charter, magnet or even private schools.

Speaking at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy charters school, Trump said on Thursday, “I will be the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice. I understand many stale old politicians will resist, but it’s time for our country to start thinking big and correct once again.”

Trump focused his speech on students that are forced to attend failing urban schools, and argued that these students should have the right to attend the school of their choosing.

In addition to school choice policies, Trump also proposes merit pay for teachers. Merit pay is a controversial topic in the education system that bases the teacher’s salary on the test scores of students.

“I will support merit pay for teachers so that we reward our best teachers instead of the failed tenure system that rewards bad teachers and punishes the good ones,” Trump said.

The Republican candidate also reiterated his opposition to the Common Core State Standards system. Trump said the system “does not work.”

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