Clinton Working on Plan to Make College Free for Household Incomes Under $125,000

Bernie Sanders backed Hillary Clinton after conceding on the campaign trail. The Vermont Senator stated that he will work alongside Clinton to help make sure his plans are heard by Clinton and the Democratic party.

Clinton endorsed a plan to make public college free to students, which was introduced by Bernie Sanders.

The plan would make most educations free. Families that have a household income of less than $125,000 would be able to attend a public college tuition-free. Clinton’s campaign has embraced the plan and released a tool that helps students calculate how much savings they would obtain under the proposal.

The plan has been revised by Clinton and includes $25 billion in provisions for colleges that are considered “historically black” schools. The plan will only include public colleges, and many opponents to the plan suggest that it will harm private colleges.

Private colleges have struggled with low enrollment numbers, as students don’t want to be overburdened with sky-high student loan payments.

The tool shows how much students can save based on their current income, interest rates and loan balances. Savings are based on programs that currently exist for students and don’t demonstrate the full extent of the savings students would be able to save under the plan.

Written by Andrew

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