Powell’s Hacked Emails on Trump: “National Disgrace”

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is back in the news this week following the release of hacked emails. The emails include Powell calling Donald Trump a “national disgrace.” The former four-star general also called Trump an “international pariah.”

Powell further discussed Hillary Clinton in his emails, stating that “Hillary’s mafia” was trying to make him a part of her private email scandal.

Leaks from DCLeaks, provided from an unknown hacker, include 30,000 hacked emails belonging to Colin Powell. Powell’s remarks on Trump were from an email sent on June 17, 2016 to Emily Miller. Miller is a former journalist that worked under Powell during his time in office.

Powell further stated, “Trump is in the process of destroying himself, no need for Dems to attack him.”

News outlets believe that the email leaks are part of Russia’s attempt to shape the national election. DCLeaks has been rumored to be tied to Russia’s intelligence services.

Powell, currently using Gmail as his primary email provider, has yet to verify the emails. The former secretary of state’s emails also show that he is weary of the Clinton campaign and the attempt of the campaign to excuse her use of her private email server by blaming Powell.

He wrote on the matter, “I have told Hillary’s minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet they still try. The media isn’t fooled and she is getting crucified.”

Written by Andrew


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