Clinton Returns to Campaign Trail in North Carolina on Thursday

Hillary Clinton will return to the campaign trail in North Carolina on Thursday following Sunday’s departure from a 9/11 Memorial after suffering with a pneumonia. Clinton is entering into the final two-month stretch of her campaign before the general election in November.

Clinton has lost traction against Trump in recent weeks, as Trump gained traction in Ohio and Florida.

The Democratic candidate cancelled a two-day event in California due to her illness. Bill Clinton took over his wife’s place in California. Clinton was slated to give a series of speeches with an attempt to realign her campaign’s focus after a series of attacks aimed at Donald Trump.

Clinton’s time out of the spotlight this week has allowed her to refine her arguments and speeches, which will be an important part of her campaign if she hopes to overcome Trump in the polls.

The former secretary of state will be giving a speech in Greensboro, North Carolina on Thursday.

Religion will be a major focus of Clinton’s campaigning in North Carolina. She focused on religion during her speeches last week in Missouri and Kansas City. The New York Times/CBS News poll on Thursday shows that Clinton’s lead over Trump narrowed with Clinton garnering 46% support to Trump’s 44% support.

Written by Andrew

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