Trump Interrupted by Pastor in Michigan as He Mentions Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump was interrupted in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday during a speech. The Republican candidate was interrupted the moment he mentioned Hillary Clinton by Reverend Faith Green Timmons, the church pastor.

Trump said “something was up” following the interruption.

The Republican spoke on Fox and Friends on Thursday morning and stated, “She was so nervous, she was shaking. And I said ‘wow, this was kind of strange.’ And then she came up.”

Trump said he believed he may not be received well at the church. Trump stated that it didn’t bother him that he was interrupted. The church released a statement before Trump, appeared stating, “Trump’s presence at Bethel United Methodist in no way represents an endorsement of his candidacy.”

He stated that the audience at the church was on his side and chanted “let him speak.”

The church, primarily attended by African Americans, is an attempt for Trump to win over African American voters. The billionaire was interrupted when he started to discuss Clinton’s record as secretary of state. The pastor stated, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech.”

Trump went on to talk about the issues of Flint and blamed the city’s issues on a variety of failures.

Written by Andrew

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