Clinton’s Sick Days a Time of “Reflection”

Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail on Thursday, stating that her time off this week, needed for a pneumonia, was a time of “reflection.” The former secretary of state told the crowd she was able to “reconnect with what this whole campaign is about.”

Clinton spent her time recovering in Chappaqua, New York at her home.

The pneumonia was not initially public knowledge, but Clinton struggled during a 9/11 memorial, leading to a video showing a frail Clinton that nearly tumbled to the ground and needed help walking.

Her campaign announced that she was battling with a pneumonia in recent days.

Clinton campaigned in Greensboro, North Carolina where she expressed that she didn’t want to be off the campaign trail so close to the general election. She stated that she tried to push through the pneumonia.

Reflecting on her time off of the campaign trail, Clinton called the time a “gift.” She told the crowd that when she’s on the campaign trail, it doesn’t give her much time to reflect on what’s going on.

Clinton also discussed the state’s transgender bathroom law, which has come under fire in recent months and has pushed businesses and events out of the city. She stated, “I’m running for the LGBT teenager here in North Carolina who sees your governor sign a bill legalizing discrimination.”

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