Paul Ryan Calls on Trump to Release His Tax Returns

House Speaker Paul Ryan called on Trump to disclose his tax returns, although he left the timing of the release up to the Republican nominee, according to CNN.

Ryan said he has already released his returns, and that Trump should do the same.

“I think we should release our returns, I’ll leave it to him when to do it,” Ryan told reporters during a news conference.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pledged to release his returns, but has stated that financial advisors suggested he wait until previous years’ filings were no longer under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Republican and Democrats have been pushing Trump to release his tax returns for months.

Donald Trump Jr., the candidate’s son, said his father has yet to reveal his returns because they would come under public scrutiny.

Trump Jr. said his father’s tax return is 12,000 pages, and releasing the returns would detract from his father’s message.

Democrats in the Senate pushed for new legislation that would require future presidential candidates, and Trump himself, to release their returns if they accept their respective party’s nomination.

Republicans objected to the legislation.

Trump’s refusal to release his returns has sparked concern that the candidate may not be worth as much as he claims in public.

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