Thursday’s Fox Poll Has Clinton and Trump in Nationwide Tie

Fox news released a new poll on Thursday night that shows Clinton and Trump in a virtual tie. The poll has Clinton with 41% support to Trump’s 40% support, but the news outlet notes that the statistics are in the poll’s margin of error, meaning the two candidates are in a statistical tie.

The poll has Jill Stein, Green Party candidate, with 3% support, while Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has 8% support.

Clinton held a double-digit lead following her coronation as the Democratic candidate. Her lead has narrowed in recent weeks, according to many national polls. When the poll pits Trump versus Clinton and leaves Johnson and Stein out of the race, Trump is ahead by 1%, garnering 46% support to Clinton’s 45%.

The lead is a first for Trump in several months.

Trump’s resurgence in recent weeks is attributed to the billionaire’s campaign changes that he made after he was crowned the Republican candidate. Many voters viewed Trump as having a slim chance at winning the presidency, but the polls point to Trump being a true threat to Clinton during the general election.

Likely voters picked Clinton over Trump when considering immigration and race relations. Trump won more support when likely voters considered government corruption and the economy, which they felt Trump would do better with than Clinton.

The poll, conducted between September 11 and 14 has a margin of error of +/- 3 points.

Written by Andrew


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