Clinton Presidency Would Be Tougher on Putin and Russia

A report on Reuters explains that a Hillary Clinton presidency could result in a tougher stance against Russia. Clinton became more skeptical of Russia as she tried to lead Obama’s efforts to restore U.S. relations with the country.

Clinton’s skepticism of Russia’s willingness to mend ties between the two countries grew, according to the report.

Tensions could rise if further sanctions are imposed on Russia, and there is a chance that Clinton could approve weapon sales to the Ukraine, which would further ignite tensions between the two countries.

Donald Trump has continued to praise Vladimir Putin during his campaign, and a presidency under Trump would likely result in the two countries trying to restore relations. The Kremlin has stated that Clinton is not their preferred candidate because of the fear that she would be tougher on Russia than the Obama administration has been.

Clinton has urged the Obama administration to be harsher on Russia, which is an indication of what her approach may be as president.

Russia’s seizure of the Crimea region of the Ukraine and link to the hacking of the Democratic Party’s computers are sure to spike tension between the next president of the U.S. and Russia. Ongoing conflicts in Syria will further complicate matters between the two countries.

Written by Andrew

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