Richard Burr’s Approach in Competitive NC Senate Race Puts GOP in Panic

North Carolina senator Richard Burr has not taken his reelection campaign seriously, leading to an uproar from GOP members. The Republican isn’t campaigning enough to ensure he is reelected for his third term, and the GOP fears that they’ll lose their Senate seat as a result.

Democratic opponents have spent $6.7 million campaigning to overcome Burr, and he stated, “It’s great. I think anytime they waste money it saves my colleagues from having it go after them.”

The senator is up in the recent Quinnipiac poll, but his attitude has caused a flurry of backlash from GOP members.

Deborah Ross, Burr’s Democratic opponent, has narrowed the gap against Burr in recent polls and is just three points behind. The Democratic Party is working to gain a seat in North Carolina due to a seat in Ohio being nearly impossible this year.

The seat is seen as visible by Democrats. A loss of a Senate seat in North Carolina would be a major blow to the Republican party. North Carolina has been under fire in recent months following a controversial bathroom law that has caused the state to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

GOP Governor Pat McCrory is expected to lose his seat as governor following the loss of revenue.

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