Trump Praises Egyptian President at UN General Assembly Meeting

Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee, the praises of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a special meeting at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday.

Trump stated that he would invite Sisi to the White House if he is elected president and that he would like to visit Egypt as well. In the past, Trump has called on the banning of immigration from countries known to harbor terrorism, which would presumably include Egypt.

Highlights of the meeting, released by the Trump campaign, show that the Republican nominee expressed his “support for Egypt’s war on terrorism” and stated that “American will be a loyal friend, not simply an ally, that Egypt can count on in the days and years ahead.”

Trump also expressed respect for Egypt’s history and its leadership role in the Middle East.

During the meeting, Trump said he has a “high regard for peace-loving Muslims” and acknowledged the “people of goodwill that sacrifice their lives and fortunes to combat the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Despite criticism over his rule of Egypt, the country still remains an ally for the U.S. due to its peace deal with Israel and its stance against Islamist militancy.

Egyptian officials have yet to comment on the meeting, and no details were released on what Sisi said in return to Trump.

Written by Andrew

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