Clinton Met With National Security Advisers on Tuesday

Hillary Clinton met with national security advisers on Tuesday to discuss the events over the weekend involving bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey. Security concerns mounted as 29 people were injured in the New York blast. The blast in New Jersey didn’t include any injuries or deaths.

There was also a knife attack in a Minnesota mall that resulted in 10 people being stabbed.

Clinton discussed security issues with Michele Flournoy, former Defense Department official. Her campaign also announced that she was meeting with the former CIA deputy head Mike Morell to discuss security concerns.

Donald Trump took the initiative to attack Clinton for pushing policies that have made the US less safe during a rally on Tuesday.

Clinton suggests that the actions taken following the weekend’s events should be taken cautiously.

The former secretary of state further suggested that better intelligence is needed to combat terrorism, mentioning ISIS and the Middle East. She took a jab at Donald Trump, stating that his rhetoric will help the Islamic State recruit more followers.

Clinton has been accused by Trump of supporting the pullout of US troops in Iraq. The Republican has called for stricter provisions for Syrians entering the country. He also suggested a “safe zone” for refugees and insists that Gulf states will pay for the zone.

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